Most Popular Print Ads of All Time You Should Know

There’s nothing inherently wrong with advertising your ideas and beliefs to the general public. Still, it can surely be deemed unethical and immoral when it takes the form of forcing and preaching your beliefs onto others with unreal implications. But for the sake of this article, we are going to discuss some popular advertising campaigns conducted across the long history since the dawn and the mainstream introduction of advertising techniques.


Keloptic Most Popular Print Ads of All Time by Van Gogh:

This is an ad campaign designed by Van Gogh for an online optician selling eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Surely, at first glance, the Print ad doesn’t seem to be impressive or eye-catching, but the impact of this ad campaign can surely change your opinion of your already existing notion about this company.

The geniuses at the company very effectively most popular print ads of all time used Van Gogh’s post-impressionist self-portrait as the near-perfect means to promote their established brand.

The portrait is well-known for its blurry and unclear colour scheme, which does no clear distinctions between its various hues and colour tones.

However, there’s a catch, the advertising geniuses at the Keloptic developed their product in such a manner that when the eyeglasses is layed down in front of the painting, it reveals Van Gogh’s face as clear as crystal and provides an excellent showcase of the power and capabilities of Keloptic products.

Simply this is the best advertising and marketing campaign ever done by a mainstream company. Subtle and simple!

SANCCOB’s Save the Penguins Ad Campaign:

SANCCOB is a non-profit organization with the sole motto of helping seabirds from going extinct.

In one of their advertising campaigns, they aimed to best print ads of all time spread awareness at preserving the existence of the African Penguin, which was on the very edge of facing the existence of its species.

The gist of what SANCOOB did with their advertising campaign was that they developed a small but vivid range of dosage of optical best print ads of all time illusions to come up with a more intriguing solution.

To put it simply, the ad takes the form of an inverted pyramid to exhibit the viewers the harsh fact of how the number of African Penguins is at a steady decline over time.

The sure fact is that the advertising technique is a bit complicated, but humans necessarily like puzzles and brain teasers, so it is a quick way to gain the first impression of anyone who comes across the ad. Then the print ad does what it is was made to do. Complicated at first, but surely the message is unambiguous!

Advertising can be a great tool to promote your ideology onto a greater scale, influence a great number of minds, get your thoughts out there, and the possibilities are endless. Surely it comes with its own merits and demerits, but when used effectively, it can undeniably change the course of your company or whatever is funding and campaigning the ad. In modern times the word ad has become synonymous with the term marketing on a mass scale but its not just that. 



Advertising can very much change the course of your company by either taking it to great heights or burying its name into the ground. 


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