How to Check Windows 11 Error Logs

If you experience an error with Windows there is an indication of concern. However, we rarely try to determine the cause or aren’t sure how. If you’re interested in knowing the answer, then read this article to find out how to search for the error logs on Windows 11. The Millions of Audience uses the ESPN, Recently we find out the common error espn error 1008 , Simple Method to Fix.

Error logs as the name implies contain logs that contain all information regarding the cause of an error as well as the program or process that caused it, as well as the exact date and time that it took place. However, decoding the data contained therein obviously is difficult.

So, we’ve created this guide to make it easier for you to understand how to look up Windows 11 error logs, various types, and apply filters and clean them.

While some may think this is as an advanced troubleshooting tool however, it’s actually quite simple , and everyone who uses Windows users need to know this.

What is the reason I should examine Windows 11 error logs?

Before we get into the entire technical aspect it is important to understand the reasons why checking error logs are crucial to be able to use Windows 11 as well as the previous versions.

If your computer is frequently crashing or you encounter the BSOD (Blue screen of Death) error. What can you do to determine the cause? The first step is to go through your event logs and look through the event log that was created during the crash, go through it and determine the root cause.

It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But there are more complications however, this should help you understand why it’s crucial to look over the error logs on Windows 11.

Be aware that you’ll most likely face a variety of errors and warnings in this area however, there’s nothing to worry about. If you do not notice any issues with your system, then just ignore them.

Sometimes, applications or services be unable to load or cause a crash. However, the OS is capable of resolving these minor problems, and if you encounter these issues, you’re secure to continue in the event that your system is operating smoothly.

Let’s look at the below example for an example. Service vgc that is associated with Valorant was stopped unexpectedly and we did not have any issues with the game. The chances are that Windows will be able restart the service again on subsequent attempts.

If we encounter issues in the game, this error log could assist us in determining the root of the problem.

Now that you understand that checking the error logs of Windows 11 is important, let’s find out how to accomplish it.


How can I verify errors in Windows 11?

“Hold Windows+ Sto to open ” Search “, enter ” View events” within the box that appears at the top. Click the search result that is appropriate.

“Double-click” Windows logs within the navigation bar to the left.

You will now see five categories. Select one and all error logs below it will be displayed to the left.

* Now , click on any from the errors logs in order to see all pertinent information about them.

Now that you are aware of how to look up Windows 11 error logs, however, knowing that alone is not enough. There’s plenty to know before you are able to make sense of these logs, and then use these logs to advantage.


How do I understand Windows 11 error logs?

In the event of examining your logs, general details and the event ID are crucial in identifying and solving the issue. Below is the link to online assistance for the event log, which will provide useful details.

For instance, here is an example of Windows 11 error log when the correct driver for the device was not loaded.

How do I understand Windows 11 error logs?

In the event of examining your logs, information about the event and the event ID are essential to identify and fix the issue. Below is an online help link for the event log that will provide useful details.

For example, here’s an example of Windows 11 error log when the correct driver for the device was not loaded.

Do you know the driver that failed, or the device it was? Most likely not, nor did we originally. However, the 219 event was a great help in locating lots of details, as well as the solutions to the issue.

We did an Google search for the event ID and we found lots of results. It took us less than a few minutes get from not knowing to find out the precise root of the issue and possible solutions. This requires a thorough knowledge of Windows 11 error logs.

It’s also important to note here that errors don’t always be so informative. There are some that may contain terms that are difficult to comprehend or use excessive the jargon. Whatever the case it’s a simple Google search is enough.

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